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About Us

Kate and Katie Private Practice StartupWe’re 2 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs) who live, work and play in South Florida.  We both have successful private practices (Bayview Therapeutic Services & Lemieux Solutions Unlimited).  We’re passionate about inspiring other mental health professionals and entrepreneurs to fulfill their private practice dreams by making them become a reality!  We met in 2006 in licensure supervision, crossed paths again in 2010 during “Supervision of Supervision” when we were unwilling to give up our supervisor and now mentor.  

In 2012 – 2014, we served on the Broward Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (BAMFT) as a way to give back and make an impact on our profession.  Kate served as President, and I (Katie) served Vice President.  During that time, we realized how our leadership qualities and strengths created an awesome and synergistic team.  We also saw a need for mental health professionals all over the world to be supported along their professional journey through various avenues and we wanted to fulfill a majority of those needs.  

In 2014, we launched K2 Visionaries and our vision is “fulfilling dreams through world-class personal and professional development.”  Our Mission is to provide the highest quality personal and professional development through an engaging and rewarding experience, and we look forward to you accompanying us on that endeavor!  K2 Visionaries started targeting mental health professionals locally, then on the state level and then nationally.  K2 Visionaries offers a variety of services everything from Private Practice Coaching, Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork/Forms, Licensure Supervision, CEU trainings, CEU collaboration, Sponsorship Opportunities, and team building.

Just after we rang in the New Year in 2016, we were having a discussion on needing to figure out a way to reach the masses, the globe, and how to add more value to what we are doing.  Kate’s answer was podcasts, webinars, and online training with our first step being podcasts!  I (Katie) was not a podcast aficionado in fact I rarely listened to them as my attention span couldn’t be held for more than 2 minutes, but being in business together is about partnership, trust, being a team, and having one another’s back.  Since I (Katie) trust Kate, I agreed to jump on the newest bandwagon and off we went like Maserati down the speedway (zoom!).  Mind you, neither of us knew anything about doing, creating, or hosting a podcast, but thanks to the internet and technological support of Kate’s husband, we learned.   

marq 20120321In 2016, we launched a new division of K2 Visionaries, called “The Private Practice Startup” where we provide podcasts, webinars, and online courses to mental health professionals and entrepreneurs across the globe.

The coolest thing about launching The Private Practice Startup is that it is serendipitous.  We love hosting both podcasts and webinars.  During the interviews and trainings we learn so much in the process!  We are grateful to all of our speakers, trainers, educators, business coaches, entrepreneurs, and other mental health professionals who have participated and who are yet to participate in sharing information that is valuable to our audience.  

We are super grateful for our team of amazing interns who help fulfill the vision of our company.  We truly could not be where we are without them.  We are also very humbled for the lives we get to touch whether it be continuous contact or a 1 time contact.  I can’t tell you how many calls or emails we get just for information, resources and being pointed in a specific direction.  Somehow and some way people find us for the most interesting questions that we are happy to answer.  That means the world to us.

Our Story:

the private practice startup - k2We each have our own successful 6 figure private practices that we built from the ground up.  Believe me, the path to success was not a straight line.  It was much more representative of the stock market including the downturn during the recession.  While we were creating our practices there was little information on how to establish a full fee 6 figure practice.  Each of us has done that in our own way coming across many mistakes, challenges, and throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what would stick.  Kate’s a reader, so she bought every book imaginable and read up on private practice.  She also asked a lot of other therapists and business owners questions in addition to attending practice building trainings over the years.  I (Katie) had a few coaching sessions with a former colleague and then asked everyone I knew, posted on LinkedIn, sent smoke signals of desperation, quit numerous times in my mind, and reached out to colleagues for answers, advice, opinions, but with few therapists that I knew in private practice, at the time it was a lonely place.  

Over the years, we’ve had numerous therapists, students, supervisees and interns come to us for business advise and private practice coaching, which is something we love to do and the reason The Private Practice Startup was born.  We are here as a valuable resource so you don’t have to go through what we did.  Of course, you are going to have your own learning curve, but our hope is to be the inspiration that inspires you from startup to mastery!  For more information on Our Story check it out at K2 Visionaries.  Click on the links to learn more about us – Katie Lemieux, LMFT and Dr. Kate Campbell.