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CEU Trainings for Counselors

We are proud to offer Continuing Education Unit (CEU) training for counselors, psychologists, and mental health professionals in the state of Florida.

We are proud to offer Continuing Education Unit (CEU) trainings for LMFTs, LMHCs, LCSWs, and Licensed Psychologists in the state of Florida.  You can read through this page, but the BEST way to know what we are up to is to head over to our “Events” tab to see what’s on our agenda for live trainings or webinars, so you can put it on yours!  Interested in our online courses, head over to our “Shop” tab to see what we got in store for you.  We are always adding new and awesome courses to fit both your clinical as well as practice building needs.  

CEU Trainings:

  1. Live Trainings – We provide live trainings as well as contract with specific groups, agencies and organizations to provide customized trainings to meet their needs.
  2. Live Webinars – We offer live webinars on a variety of Private Practice Building topics, sharing #ValueBombs and #NinjaTips.  CEUs are available for Florida licensed professionals.  Check out our “Events” tab to see what live webinars we have coming up next.  Cool thing is that all our live webinars turn into Online Courses, so if you can’t make one, no problem sign up and you can take it on your time.  
  3. Online Courses – Check out our “Shop” tab to see all of our Private Practice Building and Clinical Online Courses.  You can learn anyway you like 24/7/365.

*** Want to Provide CEUs for a Florida BasedTraining? We often collaborate with individuals, agencies and organizations by providing CEUs for their trainings. If this is of interest to you visit our CEU Collaboration page to learn more and Contact Us to get the process started.  

Required CEU Trainings:

Every 2 years Florida LMFTs, LMHCs, and LCSWs must renew their license by April 1st of every ODD year.  Florida Licensed Psychologists must also renew their license every 2 years by June 1st of every EVEN year. We provide the required licensure renewal CEU trainings that everyone needs.  

  • Ethics, Laws & Boundaries – Navigating the 50+ Shades of Gray, a 3 hour training exploring laws, rules, ethics, & boundaries.  This is an ever changing area especially with the advancements of Technology Assisted Counseling.  Join us, we know you’ll be glad you did!
  • Domestic ViolenceThis is 2 hour training required by the state for both licensed professionals as well as registered interns.   If you like storytelling, interactions, real life examples and more… come hang with us.  
  • Medical Errors – Uggghhh… the dreaded 2 hour Prevention of Medical Errors training that we have to do every 2 years.  Believe us we dreaded this one too until we started doing it.  We put the FUN into this course and made it completely applicable to the field.  
  • Laws & Rules Refresher – Join us for the 3 hour Laws and Rules Refresher workshop.  Katie isn’t a lawyer, but she likes to play one on this course, lol.  Don’t worry we make a full disclaimer that we are therapists, not attorneys so consultant one, blah, blah, blah… but just for fun (seriously) Katie likes to read law.  If you have taken our other courses and liked them, this one will be no different.
  • Supervision Refresher Course – Are you an Florida Qualified Supervisor?  If so the board now requires that all supervisors take a 4 hour refresher course every 6 years.  Awesome for us, we get to see you again!  We also do this one live.  

Live CEU Trainings:

  • 12-Hour Approved Supervision Course – The birth of our company was started on this course, really!  Kate wanted to do a training with Katie, and we started here.  Well, the rest is history.  This is one of our favorite courses to do.  We love doing live training and creating fun while we learning.  We offer this course 2 – 3 times a year all over the state of Florida. Our live trainings are highly interactive and engaging, but we always let you be the judge of that.  You will walk away with your supervision contract in hand and some marketing strategies to build your supervision practice. Check out our “Events” tab to see when we will be doing the next training.  
  • 4-Hour Supervision Refresher Course – Are you an Approved Supervisor?  Took your course with us?  Welcome back!  The board requires we all take a 4 hour refresher course every 6 years.  Check out our “Events” tab to see where and when we will be doing this one.  We also offer it online.

From time to time we will be doing and adding live trainings.  Wondering what we are up to head over to the events tab to see what we got brewing.  Thanks for letting us inspire you on your journey from startup to mastery.  See you soon!