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Welcome to “Startup Nation”!

Thanks for taking the time to check us out! We’re 2 therapists with entrepreneurial spirits who live, work and play in South Florida. We both built our 6-Figure private practices from the ground up and love inspiring ambitious mental health professionals to build their dream private practices! We provide podcasts, webinars, online courses, coaching, and paperwork for private practitioners across the globe. We look forward to inspiring you from startup to mastery!

-Dr. Kate and Katie

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private practice branding

4 secrets to building your dream private practice Do you want to know the 4 secrets to building your dream private practice that NO ONE ELSE is talking about? This online course will help you develop the necessary foundation to your successful private practice brand. Download this online course to find out the essential building blocks for a 6 figure private practice! Make a smart investment in your business by learning from two private practice building experts, not just one. They built their 6-figure private practices from the ground up and you can too!

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***PLUS, if you’re a Florida Chapter 491 Clinician ONLY: LMFT, LMHC, or LCSW you will get 1.5 CEU credits for this course!***

Hear From Our Students:

“I love the way Kate and Katie seem to have so much fun with their presentations. They always seem bubbly, happy, upbeat and down to earth. It kind of breeds a feeling of, “I want that too!” They share their real life experiences in a way that shows they believe in abundance– like you all can have this and we are here to help you and make it as easy and clear as possible. They are also not afraid to show how they’ve grown from their own mistakes. I loved the part that talked about the “Why” part of your brand and thinking about the ideal client. It has been hard to let go of the idea that I need to take any client just because they sought me out even if I was unhappy working with them. I’m done with that now because I want to feel free and happy when I’m working. Dr. Kate and Katie kind of give you permission in this presentation to go toward what you really want. I love that! Also the questions they ask are helpful in getting you to brainstorm what you want. I’m working with Claudia from Purplewing Studio on my branding right now. I found her through Dr. Kate and Katie’s webinar series. She’s awesome and touches on similar points. It’s refreshing to be around like minded people.” 

“I liked that everything they said was also put on a slide for those of us who are visual learners besides audio learners. There were engaging questions and I came up with some great new Website content as a result! It was wonderful! Concise an informative! Keep them coming!”

“Great examples especially on defining my WHY and finding my IDEAL client! I truly enjoyed it and look forward to reaching more of my ideal clients. Great webinars and resources, I’m so glad Private Practice Startup popped up on my email!”


“Learning about my IDEAL client, defining my WHY, my mission statement, my company culture etc. It was such great info! I also enjoyed the bit about creating an ideal office for my specific client. I really enjoyed the webinar and I’m so glad to be connected with The Private Practice Startup. I joined their group on facebook. I will be buying more webinars for sure. Thank you for all your work and awesome info!” 

“It was full of great ideas. I like the idea of visualizing my outcome as a way of creating/manifesting my dream private practice!”

Section 14 Secrets to Building Your Dream Private Practice
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