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Welcome to “Startup Nation”!

Thanks for taking the time to check us out! We’re 2 therapists with entrepreneurial spirits who live, work and play in South Florida. We both built our 6-Figure private practices from the ground up and love inspiring ambitious mental health professionals to build their dream private practices! We provide podcasts, webinars, online courses, coaching, and paperwork for private practitioners across the globe. We look forward to inspiring you from startup to mastery!

-Dr. Kate and Katie

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Ethics and Boundaries Online Course (3 CEU Hours)

Calling all Chapter 491 Clinicians (LMFTs, LMHCs, & LCSWs), & Registered Intern (MFTs, MHCs, & CSWs)…

Learn the essentials of ethics and boundaries as related to our profession, while knocking out 1 of the REQUIRED COURSES for Licensure Renewal, Ethics and Boundaries! Licensure Renewal is March 31, 2017 for Chapter 491 Clinicians (LMFTs, LMHCs, & LCSWs) so take advantage of this convenient opportunity to get 3 CEU hours out of the way.

This online course is presented by Kate Campbell, PhD, LMFT and Katie Lemieux, LMFT. Our webinars and online courses are fun, rewarding, interactive, and engaging. This online course will show you:ethics and boundaries online course

  1. Review Professional Codes of Ethics.
  2. Discuss Professional Ethics & Explore Ethical Dilemmas and Solutions.
  3. Identify Processes for Ethical Decision-Making.

***PLUS: 3 CEUs for Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, & Licensed Clinical Social Workers***

Hear From Our Students:

“It was helpful when Dr. Kate and Katie shared examples of cases where clients crossed boundaries with them and they shared how they handled the situations. I wrote down what Dr. Kate said when the client asked her on a date and am going to start using it myself. I run into the issue frequently where clients cross boundaries because I work with many young males who can be flirtatious. It’s uncomfortable and has at times caught me off guard. However, now that I have this wonderful line to use, I can feel confident and prepared that my message and professional stance is very clear. I typically just remind them that this is a professional relationship but I like the part about not jeopardizing the therapeutic relationship and maintaining a safe place for them. It not only reiterates for them the kind of relationship that we have, but it also reminds me of my ethical and professional duties as a therapist which, in turn prevents me from feeling like I could potentially make them feel embarrassed for rejecting their attempt to connect with me.”    

“I certainly enjoy the depth of knowledge of presenters, but I also enjoy the easy rapport between the presenters, their mutual validation of information, and the information is useful for me as a practitioner to gain insight into ethical and boundary issues.”

“This class on ethics was one of the best I’ve had on the subject. Material was relative to issues that can and do occur in real time. Thank you. I got clarification (or reinforcement) on a number of issues that present themselves frequently. i.e. Correcting people who insist on introducing me as a psychologist. With a LMHC license the erroneous label does not fly in the State of Florida, as you so aptly taught.”

“I love the way Kate and Katie present information that would be boring in general! They bring concrete examples and fun ways to remember things! Katie and Kate are great presenters! They make any boring topic enjoyable and easy to remember because of their fun anecdotes and examples.”

“I appreciate the “shades of grey” perspective, because there are times when you really do have to use your judgement and have clarifying conversations with clients and/or supervisees. I felt validated and more secure that I’m doing a generally good job with boundary setting after listening to this presentation.”

“I highly recommend this webinars to all busy psychotherapists out there. I did it at my own pace and from the comfort of my office and home. It was fun and easy to complete! Fun videos and interesting information. Great presentation!”

Section 1Ethics and Boundaries
Lecture 1Ethics & Boundaries Online Course: Part 1
Lecture 2Ethics & Boundaries Online Course: Part 2
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