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The Private Practice Startup Podcast

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What’s up fellow therapists, mental health professionals and entrepreneurs?! Welcome to #StartupNation!!!  

Katie and I have an absolute blast interviewing our guest experts and recording our podcasts. Not only are podcasts fun and easy to listen to at your convenience 24/7/365, we drop a ton of practice building #ValueBombs and #NinjaTips so make sure to tune in each week for a new episode!  We interview entrepreneurs, experts in the mental health and business arenas, and successful private practitioners to inspire you from startup to mastery!

Our Vision at The Private Practice Startup is “Inspiring ambitious mental health professionals across the globe to brand themselves and grow their dream practices.” We are committed to making that happen on numerous levels. We have a big dream… That dream is inspire mental health professionals and entrepreneurs across the globe. 

We LOVE interviewing all of our guests and most importantly we have fun doing it. We hand pick everyone we interview as we know each and every person will bring value to you and your business assisting you in reaching your goals and dreams! 

private practice brand development

Branding & Modern Marketing Strategies

The world of branding and marketing have transformed in many ways. Before launching your practice, it’s vital that you get clear on your vision, mission, and culture. If you’re already established in private practice, don’t stress, you can always go back and rebrand your practice. It’s essential that you know who your ideal client is so you can specifically target your marketing to reach them in a way that evokes an emotional experience. We offer podcasts, webinars, online trainings, CEU in person trainings, and private practice coaching to help you better understand the following topics: effective branding and positioning; develop your vision, mission, and culture, identify your ideal client avatar and target market, create a well rounded marketing plan, build a referral driven business, and much much more! 

4 secrets to building your dream private practice

Mindset of the Successful Entrepreneur

We are two therapists with entrepreneurial spirits who built our 6-figure private practice from the ground up and we want to share what we learned with you! A lot of what we have learned has been self taught, learning from our mistakes, connecting with the right people, keeping our minds, eyes and ears open to learning how people are successful in business. Additionally, we’ve attended countless trainings, seminars, and conferences over the years to learn what works in building and maintaining thriving private practices. One of the most important things we’ve learned is about your mindset as an entrepreneur. We have the inside scoop of the psychology behind a successful private practice practitioner, because we’ve lived it!

Business & Financial Management

Do you remember taking Business 101 in your graduate program? We don’t either! Sadly, people who went to school to learn a skill such as therapy, law, medicine, etc. go out and open a business with minimal business education, skills or know how. Being an entrepreneur and excelling in the business world requires a whole other education that mental health professionals aren’t taught. Most therapists don’t learn about the necessary business, marketing, financial, and entrepreneurial skills it takes to be successful in the competitive market place, but we’ve got you covered! This is where we excel and LOVE to share our passion about business with you!

What you will get from listening:

The inside scoop and expert knowledge from numerous professionals in both the mental health and business arenas.

Fresh, new, innovative and creative ideas for your private practice.

Continuous support and inspiration to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Community, connection, fun and so much more!!!

The people we interview will talk and share ideas, tips, and suggestion on their areas of expertise.

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  • Networking

  • Building a Referral Based Business

  • Psychology Behind Magnetic Branding

  • Uncovering Your Limiting Beliefs About Business, Fees, and Money

  • How to Create a Vision, Mission, and Culture and Why It is Important

  • Designing Your Office to Attract Your Ideal Client

  • Blogging, Guest Blogging, and Key Words (Google Wants What?)





  • Social Media – Must Haves, Common Mistakes, How to Build a Practice Through Facebook

  • Building an Online Presence

  • Enhancing Your Leads Through Business Directories

  • Laws, Rules and Ethics – Reducing Risks, Time Mastery

  • How to Create a 6 Figure Practice

  • Creating & Attracting Your Ideal Client

  • Marketing, Marketing and More Marketing

  • Top Notch Customer Service

  • To Bill Insurance or Not

  • And Much Much More….

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Want to be a guest on our podcast?

We carefully select podcast guest who are aligned with our core values, are passionate about their work, and experts within the mental health and/or business arenas. We ensure that each guest will contribute valuable practice building tips, tricks, and hacks to inspire #StartupNation from startup to mastery! If you or someone you know has a special message to share feel free to send us an email or fill out this form.

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