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Top Private Practice Resources

The Private Practice Startup

Getting Started

We know how difficult it is to get started in private practice, trust us, we’ve been there. Over the 10+ years we’ve been in private practice, we’ve tried countless services, some great and some not so great. It took us a long time since we had to learn the hard way through trial and error. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to learn everything in private practice the hard way? Well, that’s where we come in! We’re 2 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists who own successful, 6-figure private practices and we’re passionate about supporting mental health professionals on their journey from startup to mastery. We decided to compile a list of the best services that we think will help you get your private practice up and running as soon as possible so you can focus on doing what you love, making a difference in clients’ lives. We did the research to come up with the top private practice resources from accounting to marketing to help your business thrive. Check it out! 

Online Therapist Directories

Good Therapy Online Therapist Directory

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Once you have established your brand, have a location, and are ready to start advertising your private practice, it’s essential that you get on several online therapist directories. We’ve been using Good Therapy as an online directory for years and have had wonderful experiences working directly with their team to help enhance our directory listings. They offer amazing perks as well for being a member such as endless FREE CEU training, personal listing feedback, and a community of other therapists who support one another. Because of our relationship with Good Therapy, we are able to extend to YOU an awesome deal with 2 months for FREE when you sign up with them.

Make sure to use this code: trial602016k2

Web Design Services

Brighter Vision

Trust us, we know website building is no joke! It's super time consuming, overwhelming, and pricey if you work with an independent website consultant. We recommend leaving it to the experts at Brighter Vision. They will build your site, set up hosting, take care of all images, and SEO for $59 a month. That is seriously a steal! Click the link below to get your first month FREE. It's a no brainer!!!
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TherapySites designs professional, affordable, and effective websites for therapists. They make it easy to attract new clients and generate more revenue by including everything you need for a thriving online presence. All you pay is a monthly hosting fee of $59/month with no long-term contracts. Everything is included, from credit card processing to appointment requests, basic search engine optimization, and many more features, all of which come standard. Start building your practice today by visiting our website and entering promo code “PPS” to receive a free website and one month of free hosting service! For quicker access, click THIS LINK. 

DIY Online Courses

A Little Course About WordPress

A Little Course About WordPress is your introductory guide to understanding WordPress and how to use it. Whether you’ve seen the WordPress interface and it sent you screaming, or you’d like to know what all the WordPress talk is all about, this course will help you ease into this new system and de-mystify it. Daniel Fava (from createmytherapistwebsite.com) will take you through a guided tour of the WordPress dashboard, section by section, and show you exactly what you can do in each one and the settings to know (and what to ignore).
Get Started Learning WordPress

A Little Course About WordPress is a beginner course for therapists wanting learn WordPress

The Create My Therapist Website Toolbox

This step-by-step course will help you confidently DIY a client-attracting website using WordPress. Daniel Fava (from createmytherapistwebsite.com) provides you with a clear roadmap with EVERY step needed to create a professional-looking website so you know exactly what you need to do and when to do it. Along with downloadable resources and 4 bonuses (including a private Facebook group just for students) Daniel will help you overcome your tech challenges and hold your hand the entire way.
Learn More About The Create My Therapist Website Toolbox

The Create My Therapist Website Toolbox Online Course

Electronic Health Records

Therapy Notes

TherapyNotes is the most trusted online practice management system for behavioral health. With scheduling, notes, billing, and client portal plus unlimited support and worry-free security, TherapyNotes gives you more time to spend with what matters most: your clients. Whether you're a solo provider or large agency, TherapyNotes helps you focus less on paperwork and more on providing your clients with the service they deserve. Sign up with promo code PPS17 to receive 1 month free and 10% discount off your first year.
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Accounting & Tax Services


Get your private practice finances organized with Shoeboxed. Scan and organize receipts and business cards for searchable digital data; create expense reports and track mileage. We've used Shoeboxed to organize receipts and it was super user friendly. Check it out!
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Most of us in private practice need help when it comes to tax season. Tax returns are made simple and easy with TurboTax. Prepare and file your tax returns all online and never missed the tax deadline again. We've used TurboTax for years and highly recommend it! If not TurboTax, you will definitely need a good accountant.
Get Started

Productivity Services


We are obsessed with Fiverr! We seriously could not do what we do without it. If you're in private practice, you NEED to check out this productivity enhancement service. Search or sell for services on Fiverr, an onlie marketplace for all your business needs, from logo design to marketing plans. It super easy to navigate and will allow you to focus on what you do best by delegating the tasks you dislike most to Fiverr!
Start saving time!

Podcast Post-Production

The Podasting Guy

Did you know that podcasting is both fun and a great way to grow your private practice? We LOVE podcasting and have a blast while recording our episodes, but the post-production side can be super stressful and time consuming. Why not leave the post-production editing up to the experts? Tim Hallowell, The Podcasting Guy, is our podcast post-production guru and we're sharing him with you Startup Nation! Tim does an amazing job enhancing the quality of our podcasts and handles the whole process behind the scene so we can focus on what we love most. Tim offers a special discount just for you Startup Nation! Let Tim know we referred you and use the code "Startup" to save 25% off any of his Podcast "Jump-Start" Packages.
Check it out!

Marketing & Design

Moo Business Cards

We've used Moo for business card designs in the past and loved it! Moo designs some of the most creative business cards on the market for a reasonable rate. Click the link for more info.
Check it out!

Hootsuite Social Media Manager

We live by Hootsuite! Both Kate and Katie use it for their private practices as well as The Private Practice Startup. Posting on all the social media platforms can be super time consuming and frustrating. Hootsuite eliminates the hassle by allowing you to post to different platforms simultaneously. Control all your Social Media profiles from one place by quickly and easily scheduling posts. This is a major time savor!
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99 Designs

Logo design is an essential aspect of private practice branding and business development. 99 Designs is super cool since they actually compete for your business. You get to tell them what you want and they get the best designers from around the world to create the right design for you. Pick a winner and walk away with an original design. It's a super cool and reasonably priced process!
Get Started with the Brand Starter Pack!

Constant Contact Email Marketing Services

We've used Constant Contact for over 10 years in private practice and have been super satisfied with their email marketing services. Constant Contact allows you to use customizeable E-Mail templates to find the right marketing style for your business. Formatted for viewing E-Mail on everything from computers to smart phones, keep track of you E-Mails open, click, and share success to better market your business. We know email marketing is essential in private practice and we totally recommend Constant Contact! Check them out, you won't be disappointed.
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We've used GoDaddy for 10+ years and have had a great experience with their website hosting and domain services. It's an efficient and easy to use platform where you can search and secure a domain name in a flash! GoDaddy.com is the world's leading domain name registrar with instant brand-name recognition and low registration fees that attract customers. We totally recommend their services! Click the link below to get started. 
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Business Services

Get Response

We learned the hard way so you don't have to. Get Response is AWESOME!! Their platform allows you to manage landing pages, email and drip marketing campaigns, forms, pop ups, and webinars all in ONE place. Super reasonably priced too. Enjoy!
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We've used Phone.com for over 5 years and have been really happy with their services! In private practice it's super important to have professionals boundaries with your client, Phone.com helps you to easily set up your call forwarding number/s. Give your business a phone line managed entirely online. Get a new number or transfer an existing one, add lines, and organize your business contacts for with Phone.com. Check it out!
Get your FREE 30 day trial here!


We've used Click Meeting and Click Webinar this past year and have really liked the platform. We tried several other well-known platforms before finding Click Meeting, but always had technical issues or difficulty navigating the tech side of things. Plan a webinar or host a meeting with Click Meeting. Incorporate presentation slides, images, videos, and even a white board for participant engagement and poll your participants throughout the webinar. This platform is easy to use and their customer service department is super responsive. We totally recommend it!
Click here to try it FREE for 30 days!

Blue Host

We've used Blue Host and have been happy with their website hosting services. Keep your website safe and secure when you host through BlueHost. BlueHost powers websites all over and offers 24/7 customer services to keep you, and your website, in business.
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We've used 1&1 for website hosting and even built a website using their platform in the past. It was super easy to figure out so you don't have to be a "techie" to build your website on this platform. Create your business's webpage, domain, and host it all in one place with 1&1 website hosting. Check it out!
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Get Response - Comprehensive Email Marketing & Webinar Services

Over the years, we've used a ton of different platforms for email marketing, landing pages, forms, webinar platforms, etc. Get Response was the answer to our prayers with all services in ONE location so we no longer have to worry about whether all the different platforms will work with each other. Get your FREE MONTH trial with this Get Response link. You'll be glad you did!

Legal Services

Legal Zoom

We've used Legal Zoom to get trademarked. They were really efficient and the process was simple! Legal Zoom provides you with the tools you need to protect your personal and business matters. Get an attorney's advice on everything from wills to leases and everything in between and create the legal documents you need today.
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We've used this to get incorporated in the past. If you don't have an attorney that you're connected to already, this is a great option. Incorporate.com assists hundreds of thousands of small business owners incorporate or form an LLC. Click the link below to get started today!
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Stock Photos


We can't say enough about Fotolia! We love their stock photos. If you are in private practice and have a website, you MUST make sure you own the rights to all of your images unless you want to have a law suit on your hands (nobody wants that, right?). If you want images without paying royalties, Fotolia offers thousands of images, videos, and illustrations for you to use.
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We also love Shutterstock for website stock photos. They have an awesome selection and are reasonably priced. Regardless of the platform you use, just make sure you purchase your website images from a reputable company such as this one. Find the perfect stock photo for all your business needs with Shutterstock. Access thousands of professional photos until you find the ones that speak to you and your business.
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Audible is our favorite resource for when we want to get our time mastery ON. Download over 100,000 audio books right to wherever you are: home, work, or your commute. Try Audible now and get your first month AND book free. If after 30 days you're not hooked, still keep the book!

More Resources Coming Soon!

We wanted to create a resource page for a long time now and we have finally got around to it. We will continually to add more services and if you have a service that you can’t live without, please email us at info@k2visionaries.com and share it with the community. Make sure to check back to see more resources added!



Dr. Kate, Katie & The Private Practice Startup Team